About us

African entrepreneurs must address the need of Information technology (IT) in their businesses in order to compete with the rest of the world. How radically IT improve productivity, communication processes, and profitability.


Since 2010 we have been working with the idea in mind, how to;

  • Communicate the huge contribution of these indispensable technologies to every business area
  • Integrate IT into the culture of every African entrepreneur
  • Extend market beyond measures
  • Take advantage of IT in every business.

The idea is to;

  • Create an environment where all stakeholders (suppliers, customers, employees, investors, etc…) unconsciously take part in the realization of your visions and objectives.
  • Fight almost every business challenge using IT.
  • Optimize and cut down IT spending to say 90% yet doubling your efficiency and productivity.

The result of this surge is Camsoft group.

Dynamic, timely, and committed to global development and penetration to connect you.

People first

  • We are responsible for championing and extending our unique culture as a competitive advantage.
  • We trust and believe in our people as the foundation of success with our clients and shareholders.
  • e are a community of A player who are all owners in the business. We provide freedom and flexibility in exchange for consistently high performance.

Do the right thing

  • We are transparent and direct so that people know where the company stands and where they stand, so that they can make great decisions.
  • We lead our industry to set standards that technologies should align with business needs and ensures that our customers have their desired results and reliably.
  • We commit our time and energy to support our local community

Succeed together

  • We learn from others, then we write our own rules to be a pioneer in our industry and create a model workplace.
  • We take risks and challenge complacency, mediocrity, and decisions that don’t make sense.
  • We ask, listen, learn, and collect data. We engage in constructive debate to reach conclusion and move forward together.

Continuous strengthening and innovating our position to lead IT in Africa and create impacts in the world.

CAMSOFT GROUP, located in Yaoundé Cameroon - a strategic location for cost reduction, is a young dynamic and growing Information technology and services’ company. CAMSOFT GROUP is a fast growing institution with the vision to rapidly establish in the international scene and to have its branches all over the world. We offer IT consulting services, innovative technologies and develop computer software based on users’ stories or wants. We believe that the only time we are doing business is when our customers are progressing and making more profits faster and reliably using our solutions.

We focus mostly on business technologies that powers progress and help organizations to see and predict their future clearer beyond their normal abilities and we help strengthen their competitive position. We are effective because we know the markets in which we operate, and all of which ensures that the proven solutions we deliver are always tailored to needs. We have the people, technologies, ideas, and the connections abroad.

Our ability to take opportunity, think and create something out of nothing is our passion and a way to globally connect and reach the community by monitoring and following their mindshare. CAMSOFT GROUP believes in knowledge transfer as the only means of investment and development. We believe that learning with objectives and collaboration in a team improve the way we think thus increase throughput of our employees. That's why we work closely with our customers and this helps us produce high quality, robust, and reliable products.

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