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The Apps market is estimated to have about 2 million iOS apps in the Apps Store and 4 million Google Play store apps(App Annie).This increasing numbers of apps in the market, as well as the rising costs of advertisement has made it very difficult to succeed in this environment.
Building the reputation and visibility of an app is thus paramount to ensure its download. To do this is challenging, and have led to the inability of generating revenues for the company from app downloads.

What is the Secret to Increase Downloads of an App?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the key to boost downloads of an app. So, #ASO is the act of increasing your mobile presence, thus helping to increase app downloads and boost the store ranking of that app. I am sure, you should be glad by now knowing ASO affects your revenues stream positively.
ASO is a holistic approach used to increase an app visibility. This is done by
-Choosing the right keywords
-Place the app in the right category
-Using the app reviews to improve its feature and solve bugs
-Keeping an eye on what competitors are doing to rank well

How can Camsoft Group Ltd help?

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