About Camsoft Group

About Camsoft Group

Who we are

CAMSOFT GROUP Ltd. is a dynamic and reliable Information and communication technology and services' company. Camsoft, one of the top IT companies in cameroon is focused to address your IT needs and bring solutions that drive your business success. Our main objective is to increase your sales, productivity, communication processes and to enhance your customer satisfaction through scalable support and expertise.

We facilitate the results our customers wants to achieve by providing value in the form of a service and we build stronghold on customer vision and objectives by making stakeholders unconsciously take part in the realization of the company's vision and objectives.

We focus on business technologies that power progress for organizations and help them see and predict their future clearer than their normal abilities and we help strengthen their competitive position. We simplify Information Technology (IT) and make our customers to focus only on their business needs and wants rather than the technologies themselves. We are effective because we know the markets in which we operate, and all of which ensures that the proven solutions we deliver are always tailored to needs.

Our ability to take opportunity, think and create something out of nothing is our passion and a way to globally connect and reach the community by monitoring and following their mind-share. CAMSOFT GROUP believes in knowledge transfer as the only means of investment and development. We believe that learning with objectives and collaboration in a team improve the way we think thus increase throughput of our employees. That's why we work closely with our customers and this helps us produce high quality, robust, and reliable products.