IT support

IT support

ITSM (IT Service management) or IP support is a term we use to describe the strategic approach for designing, delivering, managing, and continuous improvement of the way Information Technology (IT) is used within an organization. The goal is to ensure that the right processes, people and technologies are in place so that the organization can meet its business goals. With our yearly contract organization can tap into our rich expertise to get the best practice means of IT delivery.
Machines & Systems

General equipment, Machines devices and other systems installation and commissioning is our job.

Security & monitoring
We cover the area of security that is sensitive to bribe and corruption, armed robbers, repudiation, internal fraud, cro
Backups & Recovery

Though arguable, it can be stated that in this modern era, the second most vital commodity after the air we breathe i

Computer systems maintenance

Issues with computers and other information technology systems can have devastating effects on the functioning of an

Configuration & Installations

As another arm of our support services we are committed to sparing you from the technical hassles of installation and

Networking & communication
We design networks and communication systems using technologies like; Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Optical fibre, etc, to create a s

For the ICT resources of an organization to be optimally put into use for the greater achievement of expected results

Internet marketing

What we have for you is an internet marketing services that yields results over a long period of time to greatly impr


Camsoft group Ltd presents itself as a partner to your institution working hand in hand with you, combining IT and bu