VISITSOFT - Visitor Management System


When you possess a premises that harbors a business, an institution or an organization, it is a direct implication that you are open to receive visitors (Clients, prospects, partners, tourists, employees, family and other stakeholders) or in some way your institution or organization interacts with people either from the same or various horizons. In most cases, the management of these businesses and organizations lacks the right tools and resources with which they can create a community of these visitors and adequately manage the various levels of interactions. Keeping track of who visits the premises of your institution and for what reason can provide vital information for the development of your organization and its activities as well as change management.

Nevertheless, many institutions have understood the importance of managing and securing visitors, employees, and the premises itself. To this, they have resolved to the use of methods and techniques (like security cameras, badges, logbooks, door scans, security personnel etc.) that are not optimally efficient in the achievement of desired results. They do not provide sufficient information for visitor relationship management and for enhancing security.

In most cases when institutions or businesses want to get organized with the way they welcome visitors they start by listing the things visitors should do. The result of this is a “one size fits all” visitor policy that causes unnecessary confusion and delay in the reception area. Visitsoft comes with various methods of tackling all of these challenges

Moreover with the heartrending Covid-19 pandemic, we have been forced to think differently as the working environment and visitors’ engagement changes leaving our businesses struggling to cope with this abrupt change. There is a need today more than ever before to manage and secure employees and visitors as businesses have become very vulnerable and have experienced a drop in productivity and income because there is a general tendency for employees to compromise business interest for safety.


VISITSOFT, a doorway to your opportunities, is a Visitor Management System (VMS) developed with the highest specifications to digitalize and replace the traditional paper logbook and to revolutionize the covid 19 control and visitor management process of your business or institution

VISITSOFT, is the perfect application software to be found on any front desk of every business or institution, it cuts out that legacy paper based visitor register (logbook) and digitalize your visitors experience

VISITSOFT, enhances you to create a community of your visitors, track what they do, and with just a click, turn an appointment into a visit

VISITSOFT captures useful data that is indispensable for your business development, change management and security enhancement of your business or institution

VISITSOFT is scalable, robust, secure, easily adaptable to your business use case, and highly innovative with the vision to centralize and aggregate your visitor experience from different platforms (your premises, website, social media and search engines) into one platform for business visualization, analysis and better business decision making


  • Employees - visitors security, and access control
  • Participation of stakeholders in checkin and checkout of visitors
  • Tracking visitors and their associated incidents
  • Categorizing visitors and incidents as well as their associated policies for CheckIn and checkOut
  • Business development, and better change management decision making
  • Good customer service, improve relationship and great communication with visitors
  • Covid 19 control via our covid awareness survey
  • Easy integration with pre-existing solutions likes; badges, door scan, security cameras logbook, security personnel, etc..
  • Highly customizable to your use case
  • Highly innovative solution with a great vision of visitors aggregation from different platforms including mobile app
  • Great training, updating and upgrading supports