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VISITSOFT, a doorway to your opportunities is a visitor management system (VMS) that digitalizes the traditional paper-based visitors’ logbook or “main currant” found at the reception area of every business, it revolutionizes the covid 19 control and visitor management process of every business, institution, school, hospitals, organization, etc. VISITSOFT captures useful data that is indispensable for your business development, change management and security enhancement of your business or institution VISITSOFT is the perfect application software to be found on any front desk of every business or institution, it cuts out that legacy paper-based visitor register (logbook) and digitalize your visitors’ experience

Visitsoft vision and innovation



COVID-19 control and employees guidelines sensitization

Most covid 19 data taken from visitors by the receptionist never reach the real stakeholders who are capable of taking decisions based on the interest of the company as such these receptionists who are not medical practitioners sometimes take decisions that are not appropriate about visitors covid status.

Visitsoft collect data about the covid status of visitor plus the purpose of the visit in real time, notifies the host about the visitors. The host can then take the purpose of the visit, and the visitor covid status into account when considenring to let in or not a visitor, the business interest and host safety. The application also provides hosts with covid 19 safety guidelines that can keep them safe even the visitor is symptomatic.

Streamlining reception process

In most cases when institutions or businesses want to get organized with the way they welcome visitors they start by listing the things visitors should do. Making a thorough list of visitor types seems like a basic move, but many businesses skip this step. The result is a one-size-fits-all visitor policy that causes unnecessary confusion and delay in the reception area.

Visitsoft streamlines and manages efficiently all the different processes from receiving visitors to departure. Using Visitsoft allows your staff to treat your guests/visitors based on their reasons for visiting. Visitsoft, make you think of your business inside by categorizing visitors based on their reasons and setting up policies for receiving them instead for just having one policy that may not be suitable for other categories of visitors.

Wasted information that could be used for business improvement

Traditional paper logbook captures very important information that is great for your business improvement but this information is hard to analyze and often time never reach the hands of the decision makers.

Visitsoft can answer very fundamental business questions like; how many people visited for this service last month, How many people came for this particular service that we are not yet providing last month, this week, etc.. This type of information is crucial during service improvement and change management.

Safety and contactless tracking (Access control)

What are the policies visitors must meet before you allow them to access your premises? When you let a visitor into your premises how do you know where he is at any point in time? Or how do you know when he left the premises? Who did he come to visit? Etc.. In time of security follow up this information is vital.

Visitsoft gives you answers to this question with just a click and so much more. Apart from tracking visitor Visitsoft can help you track employees or staff activities. It maximizes their productivity and help them focus on crucial areas.

Inadequate stakeholders’ participation in visitors’ check-in and checkout

Every now and then, it’s possible for a receptionist to get out of hand and let his /her personal emotions get in the way of business interest, this unilateral decision, can have a negative impact on the business or institution

Visitsoft provide a platform where stakeholders can participate in check-in and checkout of visitors in real time including visitor’s workflow.


VISITSOFT, a doorway to your opportunities, is a Visitor Management System (VMS) developed with the highest specifications to digitalize and replace the traditional paper logbook and to revolutionize the covid 19 control and visitor management process of your business or institution

VISITSOFT, is the perfect application software to be found on any front desk of every business or institution, it cuts out that legacy paper based visitor register (logbook) and digitalize your visitors experience

VISITSOFT, enhances you to create a community of your visitors, track what they do, and with just a click, turn an appointment into a visit

VISITSOFT captures useful data that is indispensable for your business development, change management and security enhancement of your business or institution

VISITSOFT is scalable, robust, secure, easily adaptable to your business use case, and highly innovative with the vision to centralize and aggregate your visitor experience from different platforms (your premises, website, social media and search engines) into one platform for business visualization, analysis and better business decision making


  • Employees - visitors security, and access control
  • Participation of stakeholders in checkin and checkout of visitors
  • Tracking visitors and their associated incidents
  • Categorizing visitors and incidents as well as their associated policies for CheckIn and checkOut
  • Business development, and better change management decision making
  • Good customer service, improve relationship and great communication with visitors
  • Covid 19 control via our covid awareness survey
  • Easy integration with pre-existing solutions likes; badges, door scan, security cameras logbook, security personnel, etc..
  • Highly customizable to your use case
  • Highly innovative solution with a great vision of visitors aggregation from different platforms including mobile app
  • Great training, updating and upgrading supports


The purchase of Visitsoft is done in the following five steps:

STEP 1: Selecting and payment of Licensing

Visitsoft has four different methods of licensing or payment plans, from which you can choose from when purchasing it depending on your budget. It includes:
  • Full licensing and lifetime payment
  • Per month licensing
  • Per trimester
  • Per semester
  • Per year licensing
  • Per module licensing

Once you select your payment plan, you make the payments and we are ready to start the next phase which is the customization of Visitsoft to fit into your business needs.

STEP 2: Customization

This step involves studying your visitor workflow that is in place and adapting Visitsoft, categorization of visitors based on their reasons, setting up policies for each class of visit, customization of forms to capture the right data that can drive your business success. In general, we do an information system and policies analysis of your workplace and customize the software to align with your company’s unique requirements in accordance with underlying polices. This step can have a duration that runs from 2 weeks to 1 month depending on your requirements

STEP 3: Deployment

In this step we identify the major key components needed to deploy Visitsoft, along with the required hardware and existing infrastructure that may need to be integrated into the system. These may include; biometric system, a computer that acts as a server in which we install Visitsoft on, client workstations, local network components, Visitor Badge Printers, Web cameras, Barcode Scanners etc. we engage in setting up and configuring the database, software, and hardware components. Depending on the state of your IT infrastructure, this can take 1 week or more to complete.

STEP 4: Training

Here We give personalized training on how to use the system and perform necessary operations. This can take between one to two weeks of training depending on availability of those requiring training.

STEP 5: Support and Maintenance

After Visitsoft has been delivered and deployed at your premises, we regularly engage in maintenance works to correct faults, improve the design, implement enhancements, etc so as to generally improve its performance.